Can an aeronautical engineer fly a plane?

Yes, aeronautical engineers can fly a plane or become commercial pilots. But they have to do the CPL (Commercial Pilot License) training which is quite different from aeronautical engineering, and that will increase the chances for the job. Aeronautical engineering courses in the mechanical field will make a strong base for commercial pilots. Aeronautical engineers are highly contributed to the aviation sector. To become a commercial pilot, B. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering is also not necessary. The only requirement is that candidate must have graduated in 12th PCM, and be good to go to be eligible for aeronautical engineering or to become a commercial pilot. To qualify as a commercial pilot, students must have cleared their 12th grade.Aeronautical engineers are also involved in aerodynamic systems of flight-capable machines. To work professionally as a commercial pilot, the pilot must have a commercial pilot license and hundreds of hours of flying experience.

There is quite a confusion between commercial pilots and private pilots. Private pilots fly to increase their flying hours and they do not get any compensation in return. Moreover, the commercial pilot license allows another person to work as a license, but a private pilot license will not give this permission. To work as a pilot in an airline, one must have experience and flying hours. Airline pilots earn a handsome salary, but they are responsible for flying with hundreds of passengers at a time. Aeronautical engineers can also fly a plane, and they know thermodynamics. It is an interesting field for aeronautical engineers, and during their training, they learn several things about flying a plane.

Aeronautical engineering is sometimes confused with aerospace and astronautical engineering. Aerospace engineering is a bigger umbrella and aeronautical and astronautical engineering are the two branches of aerospace engineering. A candidate who is studying aerospace engineering can pick any branch to study to make their career in the aviation industry. Once the student has completed their 12th in PCM they can opt for B. Tech Aeronautical Engineering Course which can give them good opportunities in the aviation sector. Aeronautical engineers are also experts in designing aircraft as well as involved in the mechanisms of aircraft. Astronautical engineers have different work as compared to aeronautical engineers, and they are experts in developing spacecraft.

Once the student completes their aeronautical engineering, it is easy to get the first job as an aeronautical engineer, and to become a commercial pilot and fly a plane, go for the CPL.

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