Can women pursue Aeronautical Engineering?

Aeronautical engineering is a vast field, and girls can also pursue aeronautical engineering as boys are pursuing if they invoiced in design and analysis. Aeronautical engineering is not a difficult career option for girls. Nowadays, women are entering every other field as women are opening their startups, if they can be the CEO of the company and handle the whole business along with their houses, then they can do anything, and can achieve their heights. The aviation sector is growing everyday and creating more job opportunities for aeronautical engineers.

Any candidate who is willing in this course and fulfills the eligibility requirements can opt for the course of aeronautical engineering. It is just a rumor that women can only do jobs in IT and Computer Science, but nowadays girls are stepping ahead in aeronautical engineering as well. If you have a score above 60% in 12th and from a PCM background, then you are eligible to get admission in Aeronautical Engineering. It is the best career option for boys and girls both. The key advantage of choosing aeronautical engineering is the degree specialization. Moreover, aeronautical engineers can also apply for job openings in the mechanical field because, under the aeronautical engineering course, the candidate will learn about design, mechanics, and computer-aided, thermodynamics. After completing the aeronautical engineering course, the candidate can apply to the private sector or public sector openings. There will be several openings in designing, as well as maintaining aircraft, and manufacturing the aircraft parts.

Aeronautical engineering has tons of employment opportunities for them, and the aviation sector in India is expanding, so the jobs are increasing exponentially. Aeronautical engineers working in different industries including research and development, creation of electrical as well as on-board navigational systems. As per the recent data, aeronautical engineering jobs will increase by 20% from the year 2021 to the year 2031, and approximately 5000 new job openings are projected every year. B. Tech Aeronautical Engineering includes aviation in service firms, and aviation manufacturing industries. Currently, 10.6% are women in Aeronautical Engineering, but hoping to get this percentage thrice by the end of this decade. The current advancement in space technology has also opened massive job openings, owing to the growth in the research and development field. The covid-19 threat hasn't affected much of the recruitment trends in the aviation sector.

So, girls if you are looking to make your career in Aeronautical Engineering, then go ahead and don’t stop.

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