Which entrance exam is needed for Aeronautical Engineering?

Engineers in aeronautics work with aircraft. They are largely engaged in the design of aircraft and propulsion systems as well as the analysis of the aerodynamic properties of building materials. They are involved in the study, development, and application of atmospheric flying in India, there are numerous engineering institutes that provide aeronautical engineering. JEE Main and JEE Advanced scores serve as the entrance requirements for aeronautical engineers. Minimum aggregate PCM marks of 50%–75% in Class 12 are the primary eligibility requirements for aeronautical engineering. After passing the Aeronautical Society of India exams, diploma holders in aviation maintenance engineering can get degrees. There are various exams one can give on university level, state level and national level to get selected in a university.

A bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering is required for entry to postgraduate and doctoral programmes. Several institutions, including IITs and IISc, as well as science research institutions, accept GATE scores as admission criteria for Master's degree admission.They require various skills apart from the eligibility required like Software for ANSYS simulations, Engineering Design Aerospace Avionics, AutoCAD, and Algorithmic Project Management for AutoCAD. Speed and accuracy are necessary since aeroplanes need to be serviced quickly, aptitude in manual labour, technology, and mechanics, and an exemplary sense of duty, alertness and mental clarity. Along with that a candidate should be able to work in a team but also possess leadership characteristics. The course's fees are on the high end. Students must invest more than 5 lakhs in order to pursue this programme. For aeronautical engineering, the level of preparation is high.

Preparation for the Aeronautical Engineering Entrance Exam takes students longer than a year. The course requires not only time, but also dedication and hard work. It is all worth it in the end as in this growing field people get back what they invested within 2 years and additional benefits. The job opportunities in this field are numerous and it offers amazing growth prospects.

There are various exams one can give on university level, state level and national level to get selected in a university. Some of the most famous options are that of joint entrance examination or JEE mains, joint entrance examination advanced or JEE advanced, AME CEE, GATE, BITSAT, KEAM, VITEE etc.

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